Pre-'Universal Embrace' Support - 'Back to Basics' catalogue, & iBook, 'Recent Drawings, towards A/r/tography'.

'Focussing on drawings created for the  exhibitions 'Back to Basics', (2011) and 'Return from Pessimism', (2012), Richard McLean takes us on a precursor of his journey into A/R/Tography to study a Masters in Education at Victoria University, Melbourne. This collection of 60 or so images along with a personal narrative and conceptual animations, gives an insight into where Richard has come from as an artist to his envisioned multimedia installation entitled 'The Universal Embrace''

Throughout my Masters course, a personal goal was to create and publish a children's book through the Apple store. I ended up completing this task after some time and happy to present it here. In ways I did not realise at the time it has complimented my narrative journey of self actualisation and reinforcing the play of the inner child.


It really did act with congruency in researching my narrative of being a young person and an adolescent.


In it, I draw like a child, like the book I think I would have liked to see when I was that age. It really was a joy to complete, and I hope you enjoy the animated pictures from the book below. You can download a free sample of the book to the right, and also download it to your iPad or OSX Mavericks computer.


You can also order a book below from Amazon.


Acting in Congruancy - The Inner Child and Self Reconciliation with the Inner Child - Book & iBook, 'Grogan the Monster'.