​This is a multimedia design for an almost endless gyroscope idea that I have had the idea for for years but didn't ever commit to a design until beginning Nov, 2011. It's interesting how I have arrived at the gyroscopes design by examining the three basic mathematical and visual shapes, the triangle, circle, and square. The motifs of a circle, triangle, and square are tattooed on my body twice in designs I have made throughout my twenties.  I have included one below. The inspiration for this was drawn from the book 'The Genesis of forms' by Mark Verstockt in which different artists from around the world interpret the basic shapes of circle, suqare, triangle in their own hand.


Take the time to see this video through to its end, and you will conceptually see how pulses of magnetism from the electromagnet theoretically pulses the model to spin around, with the help of inertia from the gyroscope itself. Also interesting is the kinetic idea of endlessness/infinity being born out of a finite physical reality.




The Love Machine: schematic diagram of kinetic sculpture, version 1.

(From my narrative): Breakthrough.

How intuition is a fascinating thing - in what exquisite ways the mind works, I've had a breakthrough.

When I first developed my project, I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of Dr Loy Litchenstein. He was interested in my work and was generous with his help.

One of the things he mentioned was that my animated machine, which I had presently called the 'Free Energy Love Machine', was relatable in some way to my sexuality.

I knew there was a link but until now have been unaware of it.

I think I have somewhat cracked that nut today.

In essence, the machine depends on the repelling of magnets. See the image on the right that illustrates this idea.

Taken as a sexual gesture, we look at the internalised homophobic 'repelling' of two similar energies. In essence, I had envisaged a machine that was operating under a constant flow of repelling, you could almost say a neurosis of not accepting who I was.


I feel like I have just reached some personal renaissance into a new area in realising this.


All these ideas with magnets stemmed from that time.

When I look at it now, and have become more educated and self actualised with being gay, I envisage that this active device works under the power of the natural universe, transferring the energies of the sun, magnets and gyroscopic inertia into electricity. I reflect on homosexuality as not being anything close to un-natural, but as part of the human condition, part of the inherent universe.

How wonderful if the idea actually works!




On the next tab above I have developed this idea further in a diagram that is more resolved and also has an audio narrative describing how the concept works over the top.

A diagram of opposing magnets-the force that makes the invention above operate.

This tattoo on my arm I had done when I was about 26. It features a circle, square, triangle as part of the design. I almost have an obsession with shapes and geometry. Interestingly, the diagram of the three block motifs divided up into three again I may use as a template to design my written narrative in the exegesis as illustrated in the diagram below.