The red button below will take you to the final interactive presentation of 'The Universal Embrace'.


This is the pivotal creative component of this Masters study, complimented by the childrens book, the schematic diagrams for an potentially endless gyroscope, and the narrative, collected artwork and drawings.


This interactive component encapsulates all the narrative and rhizomatically relates to all of the other creative components of the study, with a theme of mathematics and science connecting with emotion and relationships with the self, another, society and the broader universe.


Following viewing this you will be able to read the narratives of Phi, Spirit, and Society on the right of this tab that pull all the creative components together in a constructed narrative under the exegesis tab.


Take note to consider the physical, spiritual, emotional and politicised lenses of the embrace as you navigate forwards and backwards through the presentation.


You are ebout to experience the worlds first interactive embraces, so enjoy! 

Final interactive design: The Universal Embrace.