Developing the Golden Section Design, planning how to make the event interactive.

This animated GIF is one of the first conceptual animations I was using in order to design the final appearance of 'The Universal Embrace', and is presented here as support.


In these early stages, I considered an interface whereby there would be 27 buttons on the top left, but this was later simplified and reslved into a forward and backward arrow you can see above within the final design.


This design also shows the unfurling of the fibonacci spiral within the golden rectangle that contains the emotions in a vessel quite like a nautilus shell. 


The design is centred on the concept of love and Carly Stasko's view on (R)Evolutionary healing and displays this even in the very early conceptual manifestations of the overall design.


The intuitiveness and fascination with maths and basic shapes in its construction is clear.


(NB-some of this GIF did not translate properly and appears in black -  but the capturing of emotion and the early interactive design of 27 buttons can be clearly seen.)

Above: The logo of the universal embrace that resulted from this study - encapsulating mathematics, love, duality and connectedness.

Above: Animated GIF showing the development of 'The Universal Embrace'