This is a schematic design of a near perpetual machine I have designed to act in congruency with the online creative project at It is part of my studies and creative component of my Masters of Education at Victoria University, Footscray Park, Melbourne. This design acts in parallel with the ideas of multidimensionality presented in the same sex embrace of in that it exists both in the seen and the unseen-the pragmatic and the esoteric. In this way we might relate the project with the physicality of the gyroscope and the energy and magnets that make the machine conceptually spin. This idea is copyright Richard McLean under the auspice of my Masters Study at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia. 


This relates to the Universal Embrace interactive design because it follows the same template of the golden rectangle I utilised within The Universal Embrace.  It also relates because there is a notion of energy as resonance based on basic design principles and themes.


In creating this work I honor the inner adolescent, creating the design and link it through the vehicle of the computer to express the themes of art and science.


July, 2014: I have just taken this idea to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for some feedback about getting some funding to make this machine, and its validity.


To my surprise, they responded it was a very interesting idea and that if I could prove the energetic output, then I could be financed for a great deal to make the concept commercially available! I am blown away, and make a note to myself not to doubt my own ideas in future!



The Love Machine: schematic diagram of kinetic sculpture, version II.

'Geometry existed before the creation' - Plato