About this study and website.


This study is an online cumulative project that has lasted nearly the entirety of my studies for a Masters of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne.


In it, you will find a broad range of artwork, interactive digital media and narrative writing that all works towards complementing the exegetical component that is located under the last tab 'Egegesis', on the top right.


This Masters study has acted with some strict guidelines that are detailed under the 'Abstract' tab above, and further under the dropdown menu of 'Research Question and Context', that appears above under 'Abstract', providing a template for this study.


The whole creative project has evolved in surprising ways with technology acting as the vehicle for expressing my ideas of art and science.


In this study you will find various creative art processes that are rhizomatically joined within the a/r/tographical methodology that I have utilised.

Under the 'Books' tab above, you will find two books that I have published with this study, a collection of drawing, titled 'Back to Basics: 50 recent drawings' that start to connect the traditional with the digital means of making art.


Then, there is the children's book, 'Grogan the Monster, in... What Do You Love?', which has acted in congruancy with this study in terms of engaging with the inner child on the journey to a more full reconciliation with the self. 


Under 'Early Narrative(s)', you will find a blog I have used throughout the study, enriching the exegesis and describing the evolution of the project.


There is also response to a letter I wrote to my future self from when I was fifteen years old. In this way I embrace the inner adolescent and comfort him, making way for the next section of designing a schematic diagram for a near perpetual gyroscope idea I had from when I was that age. These two designs, one further developed than the other, exist under the subheadings 'Schematic I + II', above.



'Visual support' documents all the data collection I have mustered throughout the study to support the final interactive piece of 'The Universal Embrace', including still art, found objects and photography, then some early experimentation with technology and interactivity. I also decide the location of the event of 'The Universal Embrace'. 


Before that though, I turned 'The Universal Embrace' into a short film which you can watch above under the tab 'Film'. Its genesis of themes lie in resonance, an embrace between two gay men, and the emotional physical spiritual, and politicised lenses of the constructed event.


Finally, the exegitical component is downloadable as a PDF, complete with illustrations, for your perusal under the last tab of the exegesis.


I hope you enjoy viewing this website and reading the exegesis.  I hope it encourages you to celebrate the miracle of love and companionship, and also ask you to question your own complex ontology throughout viewing the study.


Richard McLean, August, 2014.