Research question:

How can drawing from personal narrative explicate the historical expressions of an archetypal embrace, then build on and extend the concept through the creation of a contemporary, interactive web based design?

The intended study will be contextualized and framed by the following six issues:

1)  Arts/Education frameworks that draw from both personal narrative and technology,

2) The static, traditional nature of historical artistic embraces; contrasting the animated interaction of contemporary digital interactive media,

3) The deconstruction and exploration of a singular moment of time and location of the embrace which is framed within the current time of the event, effectively politicizing it,

4) The tensions between resonance and chaos captured in a precise moment, and examining this tension to the world at large, in a macroscopic way,

5) Visual construction via digital interactivity of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the two men embracing, while both complicating and simplifying the event,

6) Draw from phi through to the golden mean across construction, design, and rhizomatic concepts linking the experiential narrative and visual presentation.

Statement of significance:

1) The complementary written words and final digital piece will go beyond being novel in their reworking of traditional artistic embraces, and focussing on the seen and also the unseen dimensions within the moment of an embrace,

2) The tensions will be revealed between digital and traditional means of making art, and the ultimate realization utilising both methods,

3) The project focusses on epistemological narrative in terms of the journey of writing and creation in which the process has unforeseen outcomes, re-creating the self,

4) The project pushs the boundaries of A/r/tography through the use of current interactive web based technologies.

5) It celebrates the necessity of human touch as an archetypal emotional need.

Contribution to knowledge

1) It will push the creative and conceptual boundaries of past historical expressions of an embrace.

2) The project contributes to knowledge in its rhizomatic relations across the visual expression of the emotional physical and spiritual aspects of ontological perception, via a location that frames a contemporary and political antipodean context.

3) The combined creative component and exegesis will compare and contrast the philosophy of divinity and resonance in terms of aesthetic design and love energy, and contrast it with the beauty of un resolution in a chaotic world of flux and change.

4) It will visually frame how transient chaos operates and relates under universal laws of resonance symbolized as phi, its relationship to God as macroscopic and the ‘God-Self’ as microscopic,

5) The narrative and creative component will explore the constant re-invention of the self via living inquiry in terms of reconciliation in the first person and to the broader universe.