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The SHRINK, and you thought you were crazy!

BLURB: 'The Shrink …and you thought you were crazy', is a collection of cartoons that reflect Richard McLean's journey with schizophrenia in terms of navigating psychiatry himself and working with people within the mental health sector in Australia. Sombre yet still poking quirky fun at difficult situations, it is sometimes anti-psychiatry, sometimes self-depreciating, yet full of experiences common to many,  that relate to some profound observations of the difficulties of recovery and care from both sides of therapy, and observes what  disjunctures often go on behind psychiatrists doors!  Richard takes us on a comical, sometimes serious journey where the 'real world' does not seem as 'sane' as you once thought it was!



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You can see more of the art contained in this book by visiting my art and illustration site:


Drawing, Recent work by Richard McLean.

BLURB: Focussing on traditional drawings created for the  exhibitions 'Back to Basics', (2011) and 'Return from Pessimism', (2012), Richard McLean takes us on a precursor of his journey into A/R/Tography to study a Masters in Education at Victoria University, Melbourne. This collection of 60 or so images that include portraits, urban landscapes and symbolism along with a personal narrative and conceptual animations, (iBook only) gives an insight into where Richard has come from as an artist to his envisioned multimedia installation entitled 'The Universal Embrace'.


Grogan the Grateful Monster in...
What Do You Love?'
(Children's Book).

​Grogan the grateful Monster is available in the following formats:

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*A Physical book from Amazon.com,

*As a Kindle book.


Grogan is an ugly but charming little monster who loves all sorts of things in his young life!


Good for teaching children mindfulness and focus on gratitude. I wrote illustrated and designed it as part of my Masters of Education.


25% of royalties from this title goes towards the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Banksia Unit, for Adolescent and Child Mental health.

Ego & Soul... spanning 15 years of light and dark art.


'Ego & Soul' spans 15 years of diverse art, made in a periods of wellness and also  of mania and substance abuse whilst coping with schizophrenia. I have had a love hate relationship with this book. Hopefully the struggles within its pages can encourage better choices for others.

Now, rather that being ashamed of it, (I threw away a great deal of them and recycled them back to the earth when I was ready to 'let go'), I accept it is part of an ongoing narrative.  Thanksfully my most intense struggles with schizophrenia seem to be in the past.

This book is not for the faint hearted and covers a wide spectrum of mindsets-but it does show the spirit of creating art, (the soul), and the corruptable ego. (Hell).

In retrospect, 'Ego and Soul' does equate to 'Hell and heaven', quite a telling manifestation of this reality and part of my existential being of visions in this  world of both realms.

You can preview it here by watching the Youtube video. This book is not suitable for minors. This is a story of recovery from wellness to dis-chordancy and back again. I cannot deny it was a part of my journey: yet is firmly a record of the past.

$50 + $7 postage within Australia.

Drawings from Ireland & Morocco.

I hope you enjoy this visual narrative of travel sketches through two very different environments - Ireland and Morocco. Join the delightful visual journey of mark making in ink and wash that describes landscape, people, and the urban and desert environments. This artwork was exhibited in 2006. Enjoy! (For Apple iPad and Mac).